Asynchronous programming book

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More and more companies are switching to microservice architecture and this trend leads to an increased I/O load on the entire system and a growing number of connections. Asynchronous code is perfect for developing microservices and solves such problems. But not everyone understands the concept internally. This small book was written for just one purpose - explain the asynchrony concept from beginning to end.

This book is intended first of all for developers who already have some experience in writing programs but just want to structure and systematize their knowledge about asynchronous programming and how it is designed. We will go from low-level socket operations to higher levels, the last chapter is entirely devoted to asynchronous frameworks in Python language in order to map the theory to practical implementations. Complete with ready-to-use code and discussions about how and why solutions work, these recipes help you:

- Get up to speed on concurrency and async and parallel programming

- Analyze problems commonly faced in concurrent programming

- Use async and await for asynchronous operations

- Understand the core concepts of asynchronous programming

- Understand low-level and high-level concepts behind asynchronous programming with Python examples

- Explore multithreaded and parallel programming with Python

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